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Shamanic Facilitator & Access Certified Facilitator

Nithya Chellam is a Healer, a Coach, an IT professional, is the founder of Chellam Healing Center and a Mother.  

She is an intuitive clairvoyant holistic healer. She is a Reiki Grandmaster, Redikall healing facilitator, Soul Temple Facilitator, Hypnotherapist, Tarot reader, Angel healer, Access Certified facilitator and a Shamanic Master.

She believes in the power of consciousness and oneness. By combining various modes of healing with the concept of oneness, she has empowered many lives towards awareness and a better journey.

She has channeled a new stream of earth symbols called communion symbols and lots of messages from animal spirit guides which you can find on her blog.

She also takes up counselling and life coaching sessions.

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My Services

  • Physical & Emotional Healing

  • Love & Relationships

  • Life Coaching

  • Guidance for Future Goals & Desires

  • Careers: New Opportunities & Promotion

  • Inner Growth & Spiritual Development

Energy Healing


Geet Batra

If it were not Nithya... I wouldn't have chosen Access and be a facilitator Myself. My only true Teacher who remained supportive throughout and be the Non-Judgmental Space. I do something for her, out of Gratitude and she multiplies it and send back to me. That's who Nithya is!​

Deepa Somsundaram_edited_edited.jpg
Deepa Somasundaram

I had constant bout of back pain for the last 20 years after a fall from the stairs. Though allopathy, ayurvedic treatments had reduced it , it never completely went away. It's been six months since Nithya healed me with her specialized unique back massage based on shamanic healing and I haven't suffered even a single attack after that. Thank you so much Nithya !

Priya Dhar_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Priya Dhar

I learnt to read the tarot with Nithya. And what a superb experience it was. Like all her classes, she taught with so much ease that I didn’t even realize when I had processed and integrated so much information. I love reading the tarot and I love the way Nithya teaches it, making you ‘talk’ to the cards! The most compelling, life changing, confronting, not always comfortable, yet absolutely magnificent and abundantly rich energy work that I have done so far. Shamanic healing has transformed my life so dramatically. The love and communion I feel with myself, the earth and it’s beings is something that can only be experienced and not explained. Like everything else, Nithya teaches this class effortlessly and with so much kindness, and with a sense of joy, wonder and discovery.

Sessions can be done face-to-face as well as distant and Virtually tas required Please contact us for any personal queries

You may Connect with Nithya Chellam at


Phone Number

+91 8861309770


Hosa Road , Bangalore


[email protected]

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