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Triceratops animal spirit guide

Triceratops animal spirit guide -

If you see or feel a triceratops in your space then -

1) You are very gentle but know that you are powerful too and you need to stand up for yourself.

2) You are protected from all directions with your own strength you don't need anyone else to protect you.

3) The part of your body where you feel the pain or where you feel the weakest is actually your strongest part that will evolve for a different purpose with time.

4) Stick to a vegetarian diet for a few days to detoxify your body.

5) Your full power lies in 3 aspects - your body, mind and your soul.

Call upon a triceratops spirit guide -

1) When you feel threatened and want to stand in your full power but still want to be gentle and humble.

2) When you want to uncover a new strength in you that you never had before.

3) When you feel you need protection from all aspects in life and all sides of life, call upon the triceratops so that your very skin can protect you.

4) When you are not at peace and need a deep sense of inner peace.

5) When you feel cheated/betrayed that you spent time defending others; now the person that you need to defend is yourself.

- Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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