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White Wolf Animal Spirit Guide

White Wolf Animal Spirit Guide

If a White Wolf comes into your space, this is the message for u -

1) You are a born leader and know what is the best thing to do but you are also very compassionate and sometimes may choose being compassionate over what may be right.

2) The universe needs your compassion so do not stop, just don't expect it back from others and learn not to attach to the outcomes of any expectations you have, to prevent yourself from getting hurt.

2) The moon gives you strength and helps you manifest your desires. Spend some time meditating with her.

3) You are very very fierce and can kill if someone/something upsets you but will still choose to be compassionate because that is also who you are.

4) For your compassion, the universe will bless you to easily take care of your pack and your family.

5) The size of your pack or people who you can trust is going to expand, be ready to embrace this.

Call upon a White Wolf when -

1) You want relief because what you expected did not happen despite you giving your best.

2) When you wish to enjoy the beauty of the moon, she will be there with you.

3) When you get angry or agitated, she will help you see the beauty of compassion in you.

4) When you want to reach out to more people or increase the size of your pack.

5) She can help you open your intuition if that is what you desire, she can help you open up your intelligence also if that is what you desire.

Love you my white wolf.

- Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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