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Hornbill animal spirit guide -

If a Hornbill comes to your space the message for you is -

1) Teach a new skill to your children or any one younger than you.

2) It is time to play and experiment in a different environment than what u are used to.

3) Observe well, things are not exactly what they seem, look for minor intricacies.

4) You along with a few of your known people will move ahead spiritually to a new space.

5) You may have perceived that u failed at something , time to give it another shot.

Call upon a Hornbill when -

1) When you are looking for things to shift in your space.

2) When you have a task ahead you are unsure of but still need to inspire others.

3) When you are not getting perceptive of what is going on.

4) You would like to experiment something different but unsure when to start.

Channeled by Nithya Chellam

Chellam Healing Center

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