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Who is your Spirit Guide?

Invitation  to be A Shamanic Practitioner

You may be a Shaman or had been a Shaman in many lifetimes.

If you feel at home with Nature, If you love watching the  Moon, Sunrise, Sunsets and the Birds Chirping, listen to the sounds of Nature. You know that earth is your home and nature takes care of you. You have an inherent need to make this world a better place, Come forward as a Leader to Heal around you.


This may be the Shamanic Course you are Looking for if you had following experiences or abilities?

  • A strong connect with The Animals, The Birds or Plants or Trees or Rain, The Sea and wind whispering in your ears; with nature in any way

  • Intuition is how you navigate through the world

  • Enjoy solitude and find it hard to fit in with others

  • Feel as if “there’s more to life and the world around

  • Seen death from close or had out of body experiences

  • Knowing that you have subtle healing abilities.

  • Reading others and very perceptive of their energies.

  • Vivid or prophetic dreams often

  • See things that others can’t see

  • Perceive a calling to help, heal or ease the suffering of others

The above are some of the signs that you are born to be a Shamanic Practitioner.

If you believe the Universe has your back and it communicates to you through nature; Then probably you are a Shaman from all those lifetimes and waiting for a nudge and wake up to your powers.

While the world you know of which is keeping you in Strife, out there, There is a new exciting world where you communicate with nature, Learn a new language, follow energies of the universe, have unbelievable experiences with Mind, Body & Spirit Connections; Learn to do Journeys into other worlds and Psychic Readings.


About the Shamanic Practitioner Course

Pre-Requisite - Complete the Course on Udemy Find your Animal Spirit Guide

Mode - Online / In Person

Class Schedule - Twice a Month

Duration - 7 Months

  • 3 hour every alternate week

  • A total of 48 hours training with enough time for the energies to settle.

  • Not in a Hurried up pace, But a steady 7 Months of Handholding a Support through your Journey into this new World.

Details - Intensive training to connect with spirit, spirit world and animal spirit guides for healing.


An invitation for you to become more of yourself, go through deep cleansing and transformation and contribute to mother earth in ways beyond your imagination.


The Shamanic course covers:

  • Knowing your primary animal spirit guides

  • Mind, Body, soul & spirit Healings and Connections

  • Spirit world

  • Cord release

  • Soul retrievals and integration healing - current life and past life healings

  • Mirror work - self-revelations

  • Psychopomp - lost souls empowerment

  • Psychic readings from animal guided

  • Spirit and entity removals

  • Movement through the river of time

  • Communion symbols to play with earth energies and body healing (exclusive only available @ Chellam Healing)

  • Talking with trees

  • Talking with animals

  • Exhaustive practice

  • Unique journeys with different guides (exclusive only available here)

  • Introduction to your deity guide

  • Theory of Shamanic initiation and Shamanic death

  • Winter Solstice Manifestation (outdoors in the forest)


At the end of this program, you will become more present to Universal Energies, Will Experience the magic and mysteries of you, your life and also learn to do powerful 10 mins healings for yourself and others.

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