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Longtail Salamander Animal Spirit Guide

Longtail Salamander Animal Spirit Guide -

If a Longtail salamander comes into your space, the message for you is:

1) Random good luck is coming your way which will come when you least expect it.

2) Follow the feeling that comes to you at random without thinking too much. Follow your intuition and dreams.

3) For the next few months, take things much lighter and enjoy, after which you will start getting busier again.

4) It's time for you to get spotted and more known to the people around you.

5) In the next few months, you will encounter different things which you may have not heard of or seen before.

Call upon a Longtail Salamander when -

1) You want attention and you want people around you to spot you.

2) You are bored in life and want a change or a new phase to get started and you need these changes will enhance your current situation without completely letting go of what you have now.

3) When you feel your unlucky and things don't go your way.

4) When you feel things are hectic and wish life was lighter for some time.

5) When you are looking out for something new or exciting to show up at your door.

- Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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